Thursday, April 24, 2008

How much are my injuries worth?

How much are my injuries worth? A question worth asking when you are venturing in settling your personal injury claims.

To answer the question in a snap could be illusory, much more impractical. Asking the question in blunt can be likened to asking a real estate agent what a house is worth when you have not seen the subject property yet. It could be an exercise in futility.

Actually, several factors need to be considered before arriving at a definitive answer to the query.
There are variable points you need to settle first. On top of it, you may want to ask, what is the value of my personal injury claim per se? Do I have enough evidence to substantiate my claim? Do I have tough lawyer to represent me with my personal injury predicaments?

If the foregoing is answered in positive lights, you can readily proceed with the determination of your claim’s worth.

To note, it would be worth highlighting, the need for personal injury settlement attorney in this respects.

With everything in place, let us now answer the query, concisely.

Practically, it is very hard to make a pecuniary estimation of one’s injuries worth. However, it can be done, of course, with the help of your personal injury settlement attorney. The attorney knows the twist and turns in the settlement table sufficient for them to make an effective assessment and estimate.

In reference to the amount of settlement, there can be no minimum or maximum. The settlement amount may relatively depend on the extent of the injury, the economic damage and the expected time the injury would last.


You can never be sure, how much your injury worth, you can speculate, yes, but the end thing was, it all depends on so many factors. One interesting thing to note, the personal injury settlement amounts are meant to help those in tragic form recover and get on with life, and not simply a financial grant.