Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fictitious Business Name, Legal Entity

Using a fictitious business name can work wonders for your business. How you may ask? While using a name besides your legal business name, you can do legal transactions at a lower cost. Using DBA (Doing Business As), you can make payments or advertise your business using the fictitious name.
There are many benefits of using an assumed name. The most obvious benefit is that you can still operate as a legitimate business. The cost for filing is rather inexpensive and convenient.
Aside from that, you can operate as a single proprietor using a business name instead of using a personal name. The rules for filing may vary from one country to another. Still, you will realize that operating your business is still hassle free.
In addition, another benefit you can get from using DBA is that even if your business is a single entity, you can operate multiple entities without using registering a new entity for each business.
In the United States, all you have to do is register your name with the Secretary of State, pay the corresponding fee, and you’re all set. However, in some states, registration is handled at the county level and they may have various forms as well as different payment rates.
You don’t have to worry about duplication of business name because The National Business Register ensures that every business on the list is unique without repetitions.
Using an assumed name can help you establish your business. At a minimal cost, getting your business on the track can be easy so take advantage of this opportunity.