Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Your Credit Is All You Have

Transactions have since come a long way, from barter trade, to actual exchange of goods for a monetary bill, to what is known now as credit transactions. Business endeavor done through this manner has been considered as one of the most convenient modes of conducting an exchange, and it may also be viewed as the safest, since you will do without the taxing task of bringing cash for an exchange. Well if you concur with the latter, then think again.

With the advent of credit transactions, the ever so innovative mind of man has find its way of creating a loop-hole that would divest the same of its somewhat invulnerable stature. The limitless use of credit cards in transaction over the net, or over mechanical tools has brought about the rise of new acts causing damages to what has been perceived as the safest mode of making an exchange. The information encrypted with every transaction done with the use of your credit card, is being utilized by these cyber villains in order to suffice their own selfish aims.

Hence, the next time you swipe that ever so convenient credit card that you acquired, or the next time you input those ten digit credit card numbers, think again, you maybe opening a whole Pandora of avenues that these criminals may exploit to your ultimate disadvantage.