Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Right Way to File a Workplace Discrimination Claim or Case

Everybody is unique. People have different color, race, religion, capabilities, age, and gender. These differences, make each and every one different. However, these difference should never define one’s capability and person. However, despite this, many people believe otherwise and continue to look down and discriminate against others.  If you feel violate, harassed and abused on the basis of age, sex, race, national origin sex, and genetic information, or have been retaliated to by your employer because of your participation in an investigation or trial of case of discrimination, you can file a complaint against the latter.

Filing a Discrimination Complaint
Being a victim of workplace discrimination is not at all easy. Filing a claim is even more difficult. It is a strenuous phase that not a lot of people are willing to experience. However, you must realize that you need to stand up for the rights that were guaranteed by the country’s federal laws. First and foremost, you must file a charge to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). You will then get a “Notice-of-Right-to-Sue” should the EEOC dismiss the claim. After receiving that notice, you can file a lawsuit in a court of law. Charges should be filed within 90 days. Failure to file the claim within that period will invalidate your claim. So you have to make sure that you file the claim as soon as you can so your claims will progress.

Things to Remember When Filing a Lawsuit While the EEOC Investigations are On-going
For Age discrimination charges, you can file the claim even before you received the notice of Right-to-sue. However, you may only file the claim within the 180 days or a notice of the investigation of your claim. You must remember though that asking for a notice to sue will automatically make the EEOC dismiss the case.

Filing a Lawsuit
Ultimately, filing a lawsuit is your last resort in seeking justice for the acts of employment discrimination that you experienced. That is why it is best that you exhaust all efforts with the help of the EEOC first before resorting to this costly and strenuous legal action. In doing so, you must seek the help of a good and experienced Los Angeles employment discrimination law attorney to help you weigh and figure things out. Such could help you better evaluate your chances and identify the strengths and weaknesses of your claims. This will definitely help you make the right decision in utilizing legal remedies for your situation.

Asking for the Help of a Good Lawyer
Such complicated legal remedies may be hard to understand. That is why it matters to have the advice of the best employment law attorney in Los Angeles that you can find. This way, you won’t end up making decisions that you will be regretting soon. Take time (while still thinking about the statutes for filing such lawsuits) and carefully assess your situation with your lawyer. Should you decide to go and file a claim, make sure that you prepare well by getting all of the pieces of evidence needed, as well as witnesses to back up your claims. These things will help ensure that you get justice for what has happened to you, while protecting other potential victims of abuse.

Nobody deserves to be treated like a second class citizen, or a slave. So stand up for your rights and never let anybody take advantage of you.