Friday, June 27, 2008

Are toys today safe to be played with?

Kids today own tons of toys. They love to play with Barney, Elmo, Lego blocks, action figures and a lot more variety of toys. In fact, parents buy their kids more toys than they buy them other necessary things such as books, clothes or food.

Most parents prefer their kids to play inside the house to prevent them from getting hurt. As a result, they buy them small indoor toys such as stuffed toys and building blocks. But, are your kids safe with these toys?

What the parents fail to realize is that the toy itself can hurt the child. A fallen piece of a robot can be swallowed by a little boy; and the fur of a toy animal can suffocate a baby girl.

Sad to say, there are manufacturers who care more for their income than the interest of their buyers. They couldn’t care less that their products can be hazardous to the children.

It is only recently that the government began to realize the danger that can be caused by these toys. As a result, the Congress passed a bill ordering for additional testing and safeguards for manufactured toys. Now the state has done their part in protecting our kids. What can we do to help?

It is but essential for the parents to check if the toys they are buying their kids are pre-approved by the government. They should check the toys labels or the boxes for the pre-approved seal. If the toys bear no seal, it is probably not tested by the government.

Also, even if the toys you want to buy for your kids bear a seal, it is also important to check the toys for yourself. You should ask yourself, is this toy safe to be played with by my child?

If you or your child have been injured or hurt due to toy defects or for any product liability concern, you should discuss this matter with a Product Liability Attorney. He can help you with your claim and other legal matters.