Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Metrolink Crash Update

A driver should observe the highest standards of diligence and care when driving as the lives of his/her passengers lie in his/her hands.

Highest standards of diligence mean that a driver should check on the vehicle’s condition, see to it that it has enough fuel and good breaks, avoid any distractions and have enough sleep and rest.

However, Robert Sanchez, driver of the Metrolink, may have been remised on his obligations. The September 2008 crash marked as one of the worst train crashes in the history of Southern California. Twenty-five were killed and 135 were injured when it collided with a Union Pacific freight train.

The preliminary investigation on the case revealed that Sanchez was text messaging seconds before the flight. In fact, Sanchez sent and received 57 text messages while on duty that day.

The investigation also revealed that Sanchez failed to stop at the red light thereby ending on the same track as the oncoming freight train.

These discoveries may have put Metrolink and Connex Railroad to threat of payout totaling to $200 million compensation awards for the victims and their families. The two companies are now in disagreement as to which of them would be liable for the costs.