Thursday, April 23, 2009

California’s Wage Laws Protects Workers

The government ensures that workers are getting the benefit they deserve by imposing employment laws that provide them protection and just compensation.

Workers dedicate their skills and ideas to companies which keep it on track its operations. Without these employees, it is impossible for large companies to still provide services and operate for its customers.

So, it is only right for employees to be given rightful amount of compensation for their hard work.

However, a recent incident involving a business owner who refuses to pay his workers the imposed minimum wage and does not provide them with overtime pays. The employees alerted the authorities of their situation but were threatened with termination by their employer.

Under the law, an individual who exposes the wrongdoings or any illegal activities of his/her company cannot be retaliated against. He/she cannot be terminated, demoted, or transferred for the legal actions that might greatly affect their employers.

This incident is just one of the many ongoing employment disputes involving the unfair treatment of workers. Those who are experiencing a similar situation should immediately notify the respective agencies and an employment expert who can guide them through their ordeal.