Thursday, May 28, 2009

Man pleads guilty to fatal hit and run

For a 44 year old man, a lesson was learned in the hard way. Breaking a simple rule and killing another in the process caused him his liberty.

Travis Weber had been arrested for the death of a bicyclist in a hit and run accident. On the eve of his trial, Weber pleaded guilty to gross vehicular manslaughter. The change of Weber’s plea of not guilty to guilty included an enhancement for hit-and-run driving and a consensus between both lawyers that Weber would be sentenced to 11 years of imprisonment.

In the preliminary investigation, California Highway Patrol Officer Michael Edwards testified that he found bottles of vodka and beer in Weber’s truck. He further testified that during Weber’s arrest, the latter admitted that he was on a drinking spree for five days.

The death of Edward Costa in December 2008 left his wife and two children in mourning since then. Costa’s dreams were abruptly cut off due to his untimely death. But due to numerous tipsters, Weber was apprehended. Were it not for such cooperation, he could still be at large up until now.

Drinking and driving are facts of life but both should never be done simultaneously as this deadly combination would bring irreversible consequences.

The personal injury lawyers hired by the parties must have done a good job to come up with a fair agreement on the case. An agreement that would save the Costas time for trial but still get the justice they deserve.