Wednesday, July 29, 2009

When Water Disaster Strikes

High waves and strong water currents entice surfers to strut their surfing skills. But these conditions could be extremely dangerous that surfers suffer from injuries or even death.

In Newport Beach, a lifeless surfer was pulled out of the water by the Wedge lifeguards. The man was seen surfing near the Wedge when 20 feet high waves came upon him. Lifeguards pulled the man out of the water and into a boat and transported him back to the shore.

The man was brought to Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian where he died.

Despite the incident, the Wedge was still open to those who want to swim and surf.

In San Clemente, however, officials closed its 1, 200-foot-long fishing pier. The closure was prompted by heavy surf knocking a wooden crossbeam into the ocean. Consequently, visitors could only pass a point about halfway between Fisherman's restaurant and Lifeguard Tower Zero.

With the sudden and varying water condition, the danger is greater and the risk is higher.

Although authorities patrol the area, lifeguards could practically do nothing when you are miles away from them and from the shore. By the time they get to you, it may be too late.

Safety should be a primary concern. However, if your accident was caused by the negligent act of another, you may sue for damages by hiring a personal injury lawyer.