Monday, August 17, 2009

Man convicted for Hit and Run

A simple traffic infraction of beating a red light could cause devastating outcome. While, beating a red light coupled with fleeing from the scene of the accident is a perfect concoction for a huge legal consequences ahead.

Initially, hit and run accidents may give the fleeing driver a temporary freedom and a certain degree of satisfaction that he was able to evade the authorities. But the act of fleeing will only contribute to the gravity of the previous infraction.

Consequently, stiffer penalty such as imprisonment or fine or both would be imposed upon the driver.

In Santa Ana, Kenny Minh Phan of Fountain Valley was convicted of felony hit-and-run causing injury and misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter for leaving the scene of the accident.

The conviction was due to an accident Phan was involved in last January 25, 2008 where his car collided with another vehicle after he ran a red light. The occupant in the other vehicle, Richard Lauvao, was killed instantaneously.

Phan, who was arrested two months after the incident, would be sentenced on September 12, 2009 where a penalty of 13 years imprisonment could be imposed upon him.

Deputy District Attorney Jess Rodriguez said that the impact of the accident was so severe that Lauvao was nearly decapitated in half by his seat belt. He also added that Phan “made a conscious, reckless decision to run the red light”.

Just like what Lauvao’s loved ones did, the victim’s loved ones can file a personal injury case against the negligent driver. A hit and run attorney could help them pursue said case.