Monday, September 14, 2009

911 call before officer’s fiery accident released

Remember the fiery crash that claimed the lives of four people including a California Highway Patrol officer?

The CHP released the harrowing 911 call made by Chris Lastrella, one of the passengers and brother-in-law of CHP officer Mark Saylor. Lastrella made the call immediately before the crash.

The call begun by Lastrella’s telling the dispatcher that they were in a Lexus and the direction they were heading. When the dispatcher asked if they could turn off the car, Lastrella failed to answer and screaming voices ended the call.
The crash killed Lastrella, CHP officer Saylor, his wife Cleofe and daughter Mahala.

Initially, the investigators indicated that the accelerator may have been entrapped by the rubber floor mat. If not properly installed, the mats could slip and entrap the gas pedal causing sudden acceleration.

Vice president of Bob Baker Lexus El Cajon Dave Ezratty refused to give any comment pending investigation of the accident.

The Nation Highway Safety Transportation Administration spokesman Ray Tyson said that the investigators were looking for other safety defect that may have caused the fatal crash.

The promising lives of the deceased were abruptly ended due to their untimely death.

If after thorough investigation, the cause of the crash could be pointed to a mechanical defect then the manufacturer and/or the loaner may be held liable. The deceased’s loved ones can employ the services of a wrongful death lawyer to seek justice and recover compensation.