Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Baby Food Recalled; Botulism Cases Feared

Plum Organics of California have recently announced their food recalls on some of their baby foods in portable pouch as they suspect of botulism contamination in their products.

Botulism is an illness caused by toxins which is normally found in a person’s digestive tract. It usually results to facial paralysis that may spread to the limbs. The illness is life threatening and so those who ingested the product must immediately have themselves checked for toxins.

The company’s action team announced that the recalls on all 4.22-ounce pouches with the expiry date of May 21 2010 were because the product did not meet the FDA standards regarding the acidity level.

There were no reported incidents of botulism yet but the company urged the public not to feed their babies with these products as they present serious health risks.

In cases of product recalls, the public must be aware so as not to use products which present threat to one’s safety.

For victims of these defective products, they are urged to contact personal injury lawyers who will efficiently handle their claims and make sure that compensatory damages will be paid.