Thursday, October 29, 2009

Big Rig Accident Causes Road Closure

Accidents involving big rigs can cause bigger damages because of the vehicle’s weight and size. In addition, it can also inflict graver injuries to the occupants of a smaller vehicle in the occurrence of accidents.

True enough, a big rig accident recently caused Interstate 5 in Burbank to be closed for five hours, also resulting to jammed rush-hour traffic. In addition, the incident also caused harm to one person.

According to authorities, the big rig smashed through a center divider and caught fire. Five other vehicles were also involved in the accident, and several crashed under the truck.

One person was shortly trapped in the ruins. Police said one person sustained injuries that were described as minor to moderate.

Employers are required to carefully choose the people who will operate a big rig if a work requires it because they may also be liable if the driver’s negligence causes an accident. Implementing stricter screening processes will ensure that every person operating this vehicle has the right skills to do it.