Monday, October 19, 2009

Damages and Disturbances Caused by Big Rig Accidents

Accidents involving big rigs often cause disastrous results due to the vehicle’s weight and size. Even people who were not directly involved in the accident were affected due to the road blockade.

Two big rig accidents that happened recently blocked San Diego County’s freeway lanes.

One incident happened along south state Route 15. A big rig reportedly jackknifed said authorities. Two lanes were blocked when a 40-foot container box fell off the vehicle.

The other incident happened along north Interstate 15. A big rig and seven other vehicles were involved in a collision. According to witnesses, a woman’s vehicle ended up in the highway’s center divider. They said the woman was unconscious.

Although it appears that no one was severely hurt in the two incidents, the vehicles involved may have been damaged or destroyed. In addition, these incidents greatly affected other road users through the inconvenience created by clogged traffic.