Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ford Recalls Fire Causing Vehicles

Recall is one way for car manufacturers to minimize damage due to manufacturing defect. A recall or withdrawal of product is triggered by complaints from customers, retailers, health officials or authorities.

If the object of recall is a vehicle, the recall process is usually brought about by complaints from the buyers. Usually, the car manufacturer itself will initiate the recall.

In case of Ford, it recalled a total of 14.3 million vehicles after adding 4.5 million recalled vehicles in its list. The recall was due to the defective cruise-control switch that could cause a fire. To date, the recall included 1.1 million Ford Windstar minivans and 3.4 million other Ford vehicles.

Wes Sherwood, spokesperson for Ford, said that they have already identified a small risk of fire even if the ignition was not turned on. He added that although the vehicle was okay to operate, it should be parked away from a building to prevent further damage in case of fire.

As part of the recall process, customers who own vehicles subject of the recall would be receiving letters from Ford showing instructions for replacement. In the meantime, owners are instructed to go to the nearest dealership for a free repair.

Ford recall was triggered by numerous complaints from its customers. Customers were advised to communicate with their dealers if the recall pertained to their car. But for those owners who had been injured by the car’s defect, a product liability lawyer may be consulted for any personal injuries or property damages that the customer may have incurred.