Thursday, November 26, 2009

Massive Drop-Side Crib Recall Announced in US and Canada

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada issued the voluntary product recall of about 2 million drop-side cribs manufactured by Stork Craft.

The product recall covers about 1.2 million cribs in the US and about 968,000 cribs in Canada.

At least 147,000 of the cribs carried the brand Fisher-Price logo.

The product recall was prompted by reports of incidents where the drop-sides got detached.

All in all, there were 110 reported incidents received by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, health Canada and Stork Craft.

Of those 110, 15 children were trapped and four of them suffocated. Another 20 children fell from cribs that resulted in bumps, bruises and concussions.

The parents of the children who got injured and most especially those, whose children died, should consult a lawyer about filing a personal injury or a wrongful death lawsuit against the manufacturer.

Under the product liability lawsuit, all they have to prove to win is that the crib actually has a safety defect that could cause the injury or death of their child.

For the parents who lost their children, winning the lawsuit will not bring their sons or daughters back but it will be a way to hold the manufacturer accountable for their deaths.

For consumers who have questions about the product recall and the supposed safety defect, you can call Stork Craft at (877) 274-0277.