Friday, November 20, 2009

Suspected DUI Driver Detained by Authorities

Drunk driving is considered a serious offense because doing this act momentarily impairs drivers from driving responsibly. However, many drivers do not realize its effects until an accident happens.

A man was recently placed under custody on the suspicion of DUI in connection with a single-vehicle accident in Montebello that left three people injured.

According to authorities, one passenger sustained critical injuries while a second passenger and the driver sustained minor injuries after they were all ejected from the vehicle.

The driver who was identified as Lester Enrique Chupina, 33, from Whittier, was booked on the suspicion of drunk driving in relation with the crash that happened at the intersection of Garfield and Whittier.

Preliminary investigation revealed that the car was moving at an excessive speed when the driver crashed after losing control of the vehicle, police said.

Reports also stated that the car smashed into buildings and took out numerous palm trees.

The sheriff’s department said Chupina is being held on a $100,000 bail and may be arraigned in East Los Angeles.

The state should implement graver punishments to anyone who is found guilty of DUI so that the number of accidents caused by it will be lessened. In addition, the selling of alcohol should be closely monitored to prevent people from drinking too much before operating a vehicle.