Thursday, January 7, 2010

Rollover Accident Kills Man on I-5

Authorities are still investigating why Alen Nazarian, 37, of Orange County, lost control of his Toyota Camry that resulted in a rollover accident that took his life on Interstate 5.

According to the CHP, Nazarian was driving on the northbound lane of the freeway when he lost control and rolled several times.

He was pronounced dead on the scene.

Every time a Toyota gets involved in a rollover accident, people are often reminded of the Santee intersection car accident that killed a CHP officer and his family.

The cause of that car accident was sudden acceleration due to a rubber mat being stuck on the gas pedal.

For sure, police will be investigating that angle in this case.

If the police confirm that sudden acceleration is the cause, then the family of Nazarian can file a wrongful death claim against Toyota under the product liability law.

Under product liability law, the family does not have to prove negligence on the part of Toyota.

What they need to prove is that there was a safety defect and that defect caused the car accident that resulted in the death of Nazarian.

The burden of proof will fall on the family so they should consult a wrongful death attorney to help them prove that the safety defect exists.

Although no amount of money can replace the life of their loved ones, the damages they may receive is something they deserve and is a symbol that the judiciary system recognizes that they have been wronged under the law.