Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2 Men in Critical Condition after Colliding with Train

It is logical for people to stop or slow down whenever they see a train approaching. They should not endanger their lives by crossing the train’s tracks.

However, two men who did the exact opposite ended up with critical injuries when they smack right into an approaching train after crossing the tracks.

According to authorities, the two men collided with a Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BSNF) Railway train freight train after they crossed onto the oncoming train’s tracks in Anaheim.

It was reported by witnesses that the vehicle drove around the train’s crossing gates.

The vehicle was destroyed and one of the two men had to be cut out of the wreckage by the firefighters.

Both the car passenger and driver are under a critical condition at a hospital.

Meanwhile, everyone on the train was unharmed.

Train accidents may be easily avoided if only the two men waited patiently until the train has passed before crossing the tracks. On the other hand, railway companies should put additional safety devices that will stop those who are still planning to cross though there is an approaching train.