Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Woman Killed in Colorado Snowboarding Accident

Wearing of protective gears like helmets gives no assurance that the person wearing it will have full protection during an accident. In the case of MaryScott King, 50, her helmet did nothing to save her after it was stuck between two rocks during a snowboarding accident in Colorado.

According to authorities, King and her boyfriend who was identified as Carlo Nafarrete, 44, from Cypress, were snowboarding in Mineral Creek Basin when the incident occurred.

The woman was crossing the creek when she suddenly fell and her helmet was trapped between two rocks, causing her to be pinned under the water’s surface.

Although the snowboard guide tried to block the water from running over King’s face, she had already stopped breathing and had no pulse when the crews pulled her out of the water, said police. She was announced dead at the accident area.

Coroner officials confirmed that King’s death was caused by drowning.

People should not be careless with their actions just because they believe that wearing protective gears will save them from any kind of harm. They should always be prepared to face unexpected problems caused by accidents because doing so might mean being safe from harm.