Wednesday, February 17, 2010

No One Injured in Train-Vehicle Collision

A recent train accident could have resulted to at least three fatalities if only passersby did not stop to help a woman and her children trapped in their vehicle that was on the train tracks.

The unidentified woman was reportedly driving a northbound 2007 Honda Civic with her daughters, aged 7 and 10, when she fell asleep on Folsom Boulevard and drove onto a railroad track.

Witnesses and passersby were quick in getting the woman and her children out of the vehicle minutes before the passenger side of the Civic was totaled by a passing train. Neither one of the four passengers nor the train operator was hurt in the crash.

Though the train had damages, it was able to run after the debris of the crash was removed.

Train accidents often result to massive property damages or death. Luckily, no one was even slightly injured in this accident as the driver who fell asleep will be liable for her actions.

I hope next time she doesn’t put her children at risk by driving negligently. Fatigue should never be underestimated and drivers should get enough rest before they drive out the road.