Friday, March 5, 2010

Price is Right Sued for Pregnancy Discrimination

A discrimination lawsuit has been filed against Price is Right by one of their former models. Brandi Cochran claims that the show was cruel to staffers becoming pregnant and she herself was victimized.

According to Cochran, she became pregnant in 2007 but did not tell anyone because of her fear of being terminated.She claims that because of the stress, she had a miscarriage.She also said that the response of the producer after being informed about the miscarriage is that it is “nature’s way of getting rid of the baby.”

She also claims in the lawsuit that in 2008, the producers did not take it well when she informed them that she was pregnant again.She alleges that the producer said “wide load coming through” when she passed by.

Cochran said in her lawsuit that she went on disability because of complications from her pregnancy and she was eventually squeezed out of the job on February 23.

Bob Barker and his former show “The Price is Right!!” (now hosted by Drew Carrey) are no strangers to discrimination and harassment lawsuits.

Just last September, the court tossed the infamous race discrimination lawsuit filed by Deborah Curling, who alleged that the show fostered a hostile working environment against black employees and contestants.

They are currently appealing the case.

In the case of Cohran, although the law protects employees from disctimination based on pregnancy, childbirth and any related conditions, it is till difficult to prove if it did exist.

For example, some discriminatory comments may come off as just friendly banter that was misinterpreted once presented to the court.

The burden of proof will fall on Cochran and as shown with the case of Curling, Price is Right has a very good legal team.

I hope that she has more compelling evidence to support her case.