Thursday, March 18, 2010

Truck Accident Kills Motorcyclist in Mt Baldy Road

A truck accident in Mt. Baldy has claimed the life of one motorcyclist last weekend.

The victim was identified by the Los Angeles Coroner’s Office as Jason Stark, 32, of Alhambra.

According to CHP, a Claremont man driving a 1995 Dodge Ram was making a U turn near the mile post marker 3:30 on Mt Baldy Road when he drove directly on the path of the 1999 Ducati that Stark was driving.

Stark tried to stop but he was unable to avoid crashing into the truck.

He was pronounced dead on the scene.

The Dodge Ram driver told investigators that he did not see Stark approaching when he initiated the U-turn.

Although it is not clear who the liable party is, the family of Stark can file a wrongful death claim against the Dodge Ram driver.

Like what I said in previous blogs, California is a comparative negligence state so even if Stark has some fault in the accident, he may still collect damages.

But of course the level of his liability will be computed and that percentage will be subtracted from the total amount that the family will receive from the claim.