Thursday, March 11, 2010

Woman Came Forward in Carlsbad Hit-and-Run Accident case

A woman came forward and claimed that she may have been the one who struck and killed a teenager last week on el Camino Road and Cassia Road.

The San Diego Police impounded her car but it is not clear yet if any criminal charge will be filed against the unidentified woman.

According to police, the woman came forward after hearing the news about the hit-and-run accident that killed 18-year-old Steven Kelly.

Kelly was pronounced dead on the way to the hospital after being struck by a car while crossing the road.

The woman said that she suspected that she may have hit something on the road at that time but did not see anything.

Under the law, motorists are required to stop after a vehicle accident.

If the woman has suspected that she had hit something, she should have stopped her vehicle and proceeded to check if she did hit something or someone.

If she found that she indeed hit a person, she could have provided necessary assistance or could have arranged that Kelly be brought to a hospital sooner.

Who knows, it could have saved his life.

That is why she will probably be prosecuted for leaving the pedestrian accident scene.

Will she also be charged for manslaughter? That I do not know.

But the family of Kelly can file a wrongful death case against her if it turns out that she is the one who hit Kelly.

Although it will not bring Steven back, the recovered amount is deserved by the family for what they lost.