Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Home Depot to Pay $25.5 Million for Wage Case Settlement

Employers are required to provide meal and rest breaks to their employees. Failure to do so may cause them plenty of problems, especially if their employees decided to file a case in court.

Home Depot will pay about $25.5 million just to settle a case filed by California workers who alleged that the company did not allow them to take meal and rest breaks.

According to reports, the Atlanta-based company is just one of the retailers that were sued after they have allegedly committed California labor law violations.

The settlement was approved by a Los Angeles Superior judge last January.

The plaintiffs’ legal representatives refused to comment on the issue, but court records revealed that Home Depot Expo and Home Depot workers who are working in the said companies from 2000-2009 are part of the settlement class.

A Home Depot spokesman stated that settling the lawsuit does not mean the company accepts wrongdoings on its part.