Friday, October 8, 2010

Boy Injured in Glendora Bicycle Accident

Children are the most vulnerable to serious and fatal injuries in bicycle accidents that is why the family of the boy who got struck by another vehicle in Glendora is lucky that he only sustained minor injuries.

The collision between the young bicyclist and the other vehicle occurred near the intersection of North Glendora Avenue and East Bennett Avenue.

The details on how the two vehicles crashed with each other is not clear except that the boy was riding his bike on East Bennett while the other vehicle was on traveling on North Glendora before the bicycle accident.

There was no report on what or who caused the crash.

The boy was airlifted to a nearby hospital as precaution even though he did not sustain any injuries and rightfully so, since some of the more serious injuries do not have obvious symptoms.

Take traumatic brain injury (TBI) for instance; a victim may feel fine one second then collapse in pain an hour later.

That is why the boy should be tested for any possible effects of the collision to be sure.

If the injuries are simply minor and the cost is not that large, it may not be difficult to collect payment from the liable party’s insurance company.

But if the injuries are more serious and the cost of treatment is too expensive, then expect the insurance company to play hardball.

They will look for any possible negligent act of the young bicyclist to discredit the claim.

This includes questioning if the boy was wearing a helmet (Note: bicyclists below 18 are required to wear helmet).

To even the playing field, the family of the boy should consult a car accident lawyer to make sure that they are properly compensated for the boy’s injuries.