Friday, December 17, 2010

Women Terminated in Harassment Suit against Sheriff Department

Once an employment complaint has been filed, the employer and supervisors of the complainant cannot retaliate against the worker by firing or demoting the employee.

However, there are instances when the termination or suspension of a complainant is allowed for as long as it is not connected with the ongoing investigation about their complaint.

In recent news, the two women who filed a complaint for sexual harassment against El Dorado County Sheriff’s Department were terminated from their job for various reasons.

Deputy Tanya Hunt and Nicole Sahaj-Myer who was working as a Community Service officer claims that they were terminated after filing a lawsuit in October of 2009 alleging that they were sexually harassed by a male group in their workplace.

They claim that they were subjected to the unwanted advances and maltreatment because they were targeted for being single women standing up against their superiors.

In the termination letter of Deputy Hunt, the Sheriff claims that the deputy failed to follow orders and that the lawsuit she filed negatively affected the department’s image.

In Officer Sahaj-Myer’s case, the Sheriff simply claims that she left her job though she claims that she was placed on medical leave since January and she has her doctor’s notes to prove her medical condition requiring her to be on leave.

Unfortunately, the news of being terminated came a few weeks before Christmas. Hopefully the case will be resolved as quickly as possible and if it will be proven that the department is liable, then, they should provide back pays for the women who claim they were sexually harassed.