Thursday, November 11, 2010

Arizona Woman Sues Company of Recalled Cheese

Bravo Farms is facing a product liability lawsuit recently filed by a woman from Arizona claiming that she had E. coli infection after tasting the Gouda cheese product at a Costco warehouse. The cheese was earlier recalled by the company because of an E. coli outbreak associated with the product.

Maricopa County resident Annette Sutfin filed the lawsuit in a federal court to recover her medical expenses caused by the infection.

Sutfin’s legal representatives claim that she showed symptoms of infection three days after ingesting a sample of the cheese at the Christown Spectrum Mall in Phoenix. At least 25 cases of E. coli infection had been linked to the cheese that were sold and sampled at Costco stores.

E. coli infection can cause discomfort and painful cramps in the abdomen. The patient will be required to be hospitalized to be treated and monitored closely.

Aside from the medical expenses, Sutfin can also argue that she incurred other losses and damages such as her lost income because of her failure to report to work at the time she got sick.

Companies, especially those dealing with consumable goods, must make sure that their products will not harm their consumers. This can be done with random testing of the product and making sure that every single one of them is of good quality.

These tests and processes may mean expenses that the company will shoulder but these are necessary to prevent lawsuits like this and also to maintain the company’s good reputation to their target market.