Saturday, July 2, 2011

California Ranks Fourth on Most Expensive Auto Service State Study

According to a recent national survey, California car owners pay 11% more on auto service fees than 49 other states.

The results are not surprising as California residents have to cope up with high cost of living, demanding labor fees, and expensive auto parts.

The Corporation released the survey results, showing California as fourth among US states to charge additional auto service fees. The Golden State has charged customers 20% more on labor fees and 7% more on replacement parts, reports said. Cal has outbeat 46 other states in collecting higher service fees.

Reports said Arizona ranked number one in the survey, collecting 18% more on repair fees. New Mexico followed by 14% and Colorado by 12%.

The Corporation is an auto information company which partners with more than 80,000 car repair shops in the United States to produce car trends update and data.

The results are quite predictable as most of car owners dwell in the Golden State to take advantage of higher paying jobs. Ironically, the high cost of living and expensive auto repair fees make one’s pocket essentially empty. Perhaps a taste of the nation’s finest living can make a Cal resident say, “It’s worth it”.

However, even after you’ve spent hundred of dollars for car repair and the vehicle still won’t work, you may file a complaint to your dealer. Or, if you’ve suffered injuries caused by the faulty auto part, you may file a Product Liability lawsuit and seek compensation.

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