Friday, August 19, 2011

Toyota to pay at least $6 Million to its California Ex-workers

Unemployment, settlement, payment – is not a nursery rhyme exercise, rather, the summary of what happened to Toyota Motors in California and its former workers.

According to news reports, Toyota Motor Corp. has agreed to pay a $6 million settlement with its former employees at the now defunct New United Motor Manufacturing Inc (NUMMI) in California. The pay is to remedy the lawsuit filed against the motor company that is cited for providing unjust amount of employment severance packages.

Reports said the complaint filed with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), was asserted by the workers who were on medical leave when the plant shut down in March 2010. The former NUMMI workers accused the company for granting smaller amount of severance pay outs compared to other employees.

Toyota and EEOC have reached settlement that would entitle at least 500 plant workers to some than $6 million. According to reports, the pay outs per employee will be based on the agreed formula by the company and the Commission.

It is a saddening fact that certain companies would try to avoid providing adequate amount of severance pay outs to their former employees. However, employees who became victims of unjust severance payment have the legal right to file for complaints with the EEOC to properly address the case. It is also best to get legal assistance from an employment lawyer to learn the appropriate legal steps to consider.

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