Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Burbank Man Arrested for Feeding Pigeons; Bird Strikes on a Rise

Even though pigeons may look needy and innocent, it is still illegal in Burbank to feed them, especially those that are near airport. A man was arrested for repeatedly handing out feeds to pigeons despite a city ordinance prohibiting it.

News reports say that Charles Douglas who was charged for public nuisance violated municipal code for feeding pigeons at his business establishment at Hollywood Way. Burbank ordinance forbids bird feeding to avoid any danger to nearby Bob Hope Airport, which was involved in a handful of airplane accidents due to bird strikes.

Bob Hope Airport has seen a rise in bird strike incidences. From one accident every few months, the airport documented five accidents in July alone. Last month, a Southwest Airlines plane was rerouted to Ontario International Airport after it flew into a flock of pigeons while taking-off.

Bird strikes on airplanes post a real threat to many aviation passengers in California. Several plane accidents were recorded in the country due to bird strikes. The following are statistics presented by Bird Strike Committee USA related to bird strike incidents:

• About 219 were killed due to bird strike accidents world-wide since 1988
• Bird strikes cost USA civil aviation more than $650 million annually
• Approximately 5,000 bird strikes were recorded by the U.S. Air Force in 2010 alone

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