Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Nearly Half of All New U.S. Veterans Seek Permanent Disability

On the recent news regarding the US soldiers who were sent overseas for the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, more US soldiers than ever are surviving oversea deployments. Supposedly, that is good news, but when it comes to the country’s expenditures in the long run, it brings no luck to the United States.

The injuries sustained by the US soldiers deployed to the said wars definitely mean 45 percent of the new vets seeking permanent disability benefits. Obviously, it is almost half the number of current recipients. As time goes by, the compensation may sum up to $1 trillion worth of American taxpayers’ money. 

The wars in Iran and Afghanistan have actually generated some 1.6. million new veterans, with some 72,000 of which are now seeking job-related compensation. Unfortunately, each of the new claimants demands an average of less than ten illnesses.

In contrast, only 21 percent of Gulf war veterans who were deployed to battle fields in the early 1990’s claimed permanent disability, while the average of Vietnam veterans receive compensation for lesser than four illness.  

The two major factors seen by federal authorities to have caused the significant increase in the number of new permanent disability claimants are as follows:

•    Higher survival rate due to modernly armored body
•    Improved battlefield care protection from wounds

Apparently, the said increase in figures shows that veterans return with unprecedented injuries. Some veterans come home with missing limbs, while others with traumatic brain injuries that are commonly sustained from a bomb blast.

Although everybody is aware that the federal government’s trust fund for disability benefits is draining, such survivors of war cannot be denied their permanent disability benefits due them. It is because they have contributed their entire life in serving the nation and saving other people’s life. Therefore, it’s now the duty of the federal government to pay back all the hard efforts exerted by those veterans.

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