Wednesday, July 18, 2012

People’s Reaction to West’s Remarks over Social Security Disability Insurance

In line with Rep. Allen West’s opinion that social security disability insurance is a form of modern slavery, many people can’t help but to voice out their negative reactions. Whilst some take West’s remarks as it is, some hardly agree.

A few weeks ago, West first spoke about President Barack Obama’s alleged concealed desire of making Americans to become his slave and be dependent on him economically.

Subsequently, he again used the same term “slave” when he described the social security disability insurance as a form of modern slavery.

Reading West’s indictments, several military veterans receiving government disability benefits or checks felt uncomfortable. They claimed that someone in his views could never be elected nor placed to public office or any government agency.

In an article posted at the Sun Sentinel, which was partially quoted herein, Philip Sweeting, a military veteran and a retired police officer living off a government pension, apparently admitted that he is one of those that West referred to as “economically dependant” on the government. Sweeting claimed in his statement that if that is how West defines “slavery” then he guess there are many of the latter’s supporters who would like to be in his position – by West’s definition – President Obama’s slave.

Meanwhile, another disability benefit recipient, Kelly Beucler, said in her statement at the News Journal, which is likewise quoted herein, that if people like West mean that the government is making her work like a slave, then she would rather be back doing her 911 dispatching job that she loved so much. But unfortunately, she can’t because of her disabling condition.

Beucler had been diagnosed with terminal kidney cancer in December, 2011 and since then her nightmare began. 

Several reactions claimed that if only West had simply stressed out that Social Security disability is sometimes taken as an advantage and might need to be modified or reassessed, it could have been a good stance. Apparently, West isn’t fair enough when he attributed the rapidly growing number of people who rely on federal disability benefit to Obama’s alleged Marxist political idea of turning Americans into economically dependent slaves. It serves no purpose aside from being insulting to those who oppose West’s comments.

Moreover, opponents claimed that if West is really a problem solver, then he might be able to eye at Social Security Disability in a little more responsible way than blatantly giving out his rant over Obama’s being a slave-master.

Probably, West did not realized that he himself is an economically dependent slave since he is likewise receiving two federal paychecks from the government, he has a two tax-payer funded pensions, and a purely socialized medical plan that gives him the best that this great nation afford. 

Well, obviously, a Los Angeles SSI lawyer is right when he refused to comment on the issue regarding West’s disparaging remarks since he foresees that even without anybody’s opinion, it would become a quite controversial issue and would definitely ignite disputes within the following days.