Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Chicago Cop’s Disability Payment Suspended

A Chicago police officer’s disability payment was suspended last Thursday by the Chicago Police Pension Board after the latter found out that the cop has been collecting disability payments while looking fit enough in his second job.

In a recent investigation conducted by the Sun-Times, several police and firefighter officers were found to be egregiously collecting disability payment while having their second job and one of the most distinguished frauds was Charles T. Siedlecki.

Apparently, Siedlecki started collecting disability payments a couple of decades ago after he went on disability due to an injury, which allegedly made it impossible for him to safely hand a gun. However, during his recent “duty-disability status review,” he was cited in several photos holding a rifle while posing with an animal he killed in African Safaris. Also, the investigation revealed that Siedlecki has used his disability payments to earn a law degree and run his family’s funeral business.

Meanwhile, the eight members of the said board was temporarily kept from permanently revoking Siedlecki’s disability payments after failing to properly notify the cop regarding his duty-disability status review.

According to reports, the board erroneously sent the letter of notification to Siedlecki’s father, Charles C. Siedlecki, who was a retired police.

Consequently, the Fraternal Order of Police President, Micheal Shields, suggested that Siedlecki should have at least one day to defend himself.

However, while Siedlecki’s case was temporarily hindered, the board continuously reviews the medical records of the other police and firefighters named in the Sun-times reports.

On the other hand, the Fraternal Order Police said that the Police Department doesn’t want such officers back in duty, although there are lots of limited-duty desk jobs available for those cops to handle.

If a board decided to permanently revoke Siedlecki’s disability benefit payments, it can also try to recover the money that was previously paid to the cop, briefly explained by a Los Angeles disability lawyer. According to the Sun-Times report, Siedlecki has collected a total of more than $175,000.00.