Tuesday, October 9, 2012

U.S.’s Largest Breast Cancer Org Declines Donations from Porn Site

As a sign of support to the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the porn website, Pornhub.com recently announced that it will donate 1 cent to America’s largest breast cancer organization, Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation for every 30 views of its breast-related videos for the current month.

Said campaign is actually the adult website’s second effort to fight against breast cancer and spread awareness regarding the disease. Last April, the company that owns the adult website launched a Boob bus in New York to provide breast examinations free of charge. A board-certified, licensed medical practitioner spearheaded the examinations.

Breast cancer is one of the primary causes of disability among women in the U.S. In addition, figures noted by the American Cancer Society revealed an alarming number of disability cases and deaths caused by the disease in the past few years.

Moving on with the said donation, previous reports claimed that the adult website announced that it will no longer allocate a portion of its October revenue to the said foundation.

Subsequently, the foundation firmly affirmed that it would not accept donations from the adult website. It likewise stressed out that Pornhub is not a partner of Susan G. Komen for the Cure. In fact, the organization has asked the website to stop using its name for the latter’s own benefit.

Therefore, in its recent announcement, the company further claimed that it will be changing its beneficiary. The porn site is now urging other breast cancer foundations to come forward and consider being the new recipient of its generous donation.

At present, the website has gained more than 10 million visits, which could mean that it is on the right track to meet its targeted fund for breast cancer awareness by the end of the month, according to recent news featured in a blog post of a Los Angeles social security disability firm.