Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Study: Severe Disability Recovery May be Supported by Positive View on Aging

According to a recent study published in the Journal of the American Association (JAMA), elderly people with a positive view on aging are more likely to recover from a severe disability.

The said study, conducted by researchers from the Yale School of Public Health, examined the link between positive attitudes toward aging and recovery from disability in a group of elderly participants.

The study revealed that the participants’ positive outlook towards the aging process has helped improve cardiovascular health, stress management, and healthy behavior, according to a statement released by lead researcher Becca Levy, PhD.

The said study, which took approximately eleven years, included 598 participants aged 70 and older. Participants were free from disability at the beginning of the research. During the entire period of research, participants were being interviewed monthly about their outlooks toward aging. Also, their health was monitored in home based assessments.

Upon gathering all the data needed, the researchers concluded that those participants with a positive outlook towards aging were 44 percent more possible to recover from a disabling condition than those with negative poor views on aging.

Consequently, a Los Angeles long term disability lawyer noted that although there are federal programs such as long-term disability benefit and permanent disability benefits, that are available to financially support people who suffer from a disabling condition, nothing would be better than being perfectly fit to perform gainful activities. Therefore, he agrees with the researchers’ suggestion of improving one’s cardiovascular response to stress, increasing participation in lucrative activities, and most of all, having a positive outlook in life.