Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Navy Seal Who Killed Bin Laden Left without Disability Benefits

The Navy SEAL who reportedly killed Osama Bin Laden is now facing his own life’s terrors – no job and no Social Security pensions.

The ex-Navy SEAL was said to have left his job few years before his retirement eligibility, which now makes him jobless. Reports said that he was unaware that he is still eligible for five years of health care coverage. Therefore, the same created a dispute between the military and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Apparently, the shooter is now one of the approximately 900,000 veterans whose disability benefit claims are caught up in a backlog and are currently left waiting for a determination for their claims.

Consequently, the unnamed SEAL recently met with several lawmakers to discuss veteran’s care, according to reports.

During the meeting, the SEAL on behalf of his team that accompanied him during the raid, requested the lawmakers to include a layered pension plan that would start after five years of duty, improved transition services for retiring veterans that include 18 months of total family healthcare and separation pay based on length and type of service, several media sources said.

As previously reported, the SEAL who killed Bin Laden last May, 2011 during a secret raid did not qualify for a pension or health benefits because he retired four years earlier than the Navy’s retirement eligibility.

During his previous interview, the ex-SEAL admitted the he had suffered from suicidal thoughts and a broken marriage, which are very common among SEAL members, according to a Los Angeles long term disability lawyer.

Therefore, although the attorney herein is quite aware that the SEAL and some of his men previously broke the rule regarding the safekeeping of their identities for the sake of raising awareness, he still hopes that their request for healthcare and disability benefits will soon be granted in return for their hard efforts and dedication while they were serving the country.