Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Fool-proof Tips to Stay Away from Identity Thieves

The Social Security numbers of several celebrities and political figures were recently leaked online, causing some people to grow concern about their privacy. As a result of the incident, some claim that the fraudulent acts of identity thieves and scam artists becoming more complicated and serious.

Consequently, many Los Angeles social security claim lawyers suggest everyone to be cautious of identity thieves who are always scheming ways to get the Social Security numbers of Social Security beneficiaries. Based on statistics, millions of people are being victimized by identity thieves each year.

Identity thieves have many crafty ways to obtain a person’s confidential information. Here are some of their tricky ways to get what they need:

•    Stealing wallets, bags or purses, mails and even laptops.

•    Posing as someone from the Social Security Administration (SSA) or credit card company, who legally needs an update of your personal information, through phone or email.

•    Hacking unsecured website on the virtual world to steal personal information that users provided.

•    Stealing personal records from businesses, at work or even from your own home.

•    Searching through your trash, the business’ trash or public trash for possible personal data.

It is very necessary nowadays to be alert all the time. Always take the proper precautions. Be sure that your personal information like your Social Security number, credit card number, and mother’s maiden name are secured.

Take note that once an individual steals someone else’s personal information, it could result into something more than just financial loss, say credit bad record.

Here are some ways how you could safeguard your personal information:

•    Do not bring your social security card with you when you go out and instead, put it in a secured place where no one else can access.

•    Be careful when disclosing your personal information to unknown sources online or by phone.

•    Shred or thorn your documents, bills or paper works before you throw it away.

•    Avoid responding to emails asking for your social security number, bank accounts and other personal information.

•    If someone calls you claiming to be from the SSA and you have doubts about the credibility of the caller, you can call the agency by yourself to determine the validity of the caller.