Thursday, October 31, 2013

Labor Federation Warns Democrats on Social Security Before Budget Talk Begins

Just before the budget talk starts, the American Federation of Labor (AFL) - CIO, sends an important message for Democrats who will consider cutting Social Security or Medicare during the meeting.

In a brief statement, the federation’s President, Richard Trumka, said, “We will never stop working to end your career if you (democrats) slash entitlements.”

“No politician, I don’t care the political party, will get away with cutting Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid benefits. Don’t try it,” Trumka further said in his prepared note, according to a media source.

“The warning goes double for the democrats,” added Trumka.

The warning came in line after news about the upcoming budget talks have surfaced.

Apparently, the labor federation considers the so-called “chained CPI” to be off limits. In fact, the same was already confirmed by its spokesperson during an interview. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, a social security disability firm likewise believes that the chained CPI is better than totally terminating the federal programs.

So far, the chained CPI is considered by President Barack Obama as an alternate measure of inflation. For him, this would slow down the growth of Social Security spending thus he included it in his recent budget blueprint.