Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Sexual Harassment Cases Involving Model Celebrities

Fame doesn’t have the capacity to administer shield against sexual harassments. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of celebrities who had been a victim of this specific unlawful action. Also, aside from the aggrieved personalities, there are also some from them who has been accused for sexual assaults. Sexual harassments could be experienced by all people including these “stars”. Unwanted physical contacts, sexual innuendoes and commentaries, disturbing sexually explicit questions, and other unpleasant inviting actions are considered as forms of this kind of harassment.

In particular, model celebrities are the ones who are at most danger to sexual harassment instances while at work. According to statistics that were released by a concerned organization of models nearly 1 in 3 girls or 29.7% have experienced inappropriate touching at work while over a quarter or 28% have encountered pressures or unpleasant invitations to engage in sexual intercourse at work. In addition, 86.8% of models have been asked to pose nude without prior notice. As a result, over two-thirds of models or 68.3% suffer from anxiety or depression.

Meanwhile, one of the sexual harassment cases involving a well-known celebrity photographer and some models is Terry Richardson’s. He has been famous for often doing sexually explicit work and portraits of celebrities. Throughout his career as a photographer, Richardson had received accusations from some models that he had a chance to work with. The allegations generally pertain to inappropriate sexual conduct that was displayed by him at work for decades. This can be considered as big news.

Aside from the abovementioned case, several sexual harassment cases affecting female models were also recorded. Indeed, female model celebrities are more prone to experiencing different kinds of discrimination and not merely sexual harassment instances alone. However, this particular type of unlawful action does not only deal with female model workers. Although they are more prone to such conflicts, male model workers could also suffer from this type of nuisances.

Male models are also subjected to sexual harassments at work

The society tends to forget that males can also experience sexual harassments. As a matter of fact, male model celebrities suffer such unlawful actions aside from the other unjust incidents that are being laid towards them. An increasing statistics of sexually harassed workers, particularly the male models, have been a terrible fact.

As a matter of fact, based on a research conducted by the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in year 2009, a dismaying quantity of almost 12,700 sexual harassment lawsuits were filed to them. The research also states that 16 percent of the victims came from men. Also, even if they found out that there is a positive decrease with regards to the cases of sexual harassment incidents, the declining changes does not infect the rising statistics of this type of unjust practices towards men over the years. Truly, male workers are not exempted to suffering sexual harassments.

Regardless of the gender and classification of work, all sexually harassed workforces should take the necessary legal actions to get the most appropriate justice for their related sufferings and also to claim the rightful compensation based on what they had experienced. Everyone should not belittle the power of all damages which are sent by sexual harassment incidents.