Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Have you ever experienced of receiving a notice from the Social Security Administration (SSA) informing you about an overpayment on your Supplemental Security Income? It is quite odd and annoying to be notified on this matter particularly if you are unaware that you are accepting miscalculated financial grants. And worse, if you were oblige to reimburse the overpaid amount.

Majority of the claimants tend to disregard the warning and hang on for some time before they act on the matter having a firm conviction that they are not to blame for the error. This further intensified the consequences of the situation they have been into. In contradiction, some dealt with it justifiably and immediately by going to the local Social Security office filing a request for reconsideration and subsequently making a petition to the SSA to waive the overpaid amount. This enabled them to be free from worries of paying back the cost.

The Social Security Law sympathizes with the deprived and the less fortunate. It is much aware that the claimants may have already spent the overpayment and that they might have difficulty in paying it back. It is for them to prove their innocence before the court and act at once than to be sorry.