Tuesday, April 10, 2007


In the United States and in some other countries, a large portion of the health care providers, such as physicians, dentists and nurses, still criticize the medical malpractice law. This law aims to penalize those medical professionals who will fail to provide the proper procedures and standard medications concerning the treatment of their patients. And, to support their cause, some of them even lobbied to the congress.

On the contrary, patients who have been victimized by these wrong acts assert efforts to defend the medical malpractice law. A law suit must be filed in order to obtain due compensation on the damages done to the victims. A number of them even hired services from a qualified personal injury lawyer and a medical expert to strengthen their case.

Both parties have their points there. Medical practitioners are not perfect human beings; they too are prone to committing errors. Also, this law has some weak arguments and very much unpredictable and expensive to be filed in court. Furthermore, it would just divert the healthcare people’s attention into battling it out in court rather than to develop in their own fields.

On the other hand, the victims also suffer too much on the injuries inflicted to them. Who should be held liable and be demanded for monetary claims if the doctor’s excuses prevail? What more if the mistake caused a lifetime of damage for them?