Friday, July 6, 2007

Claiming Your Right to Worker’s Compensation

Worker or employee compensation is a state regulated insurance program that helps employees who are injured on the job or suffered diseases related to their occupation. It is the obligation of the employer to pay for the whole or at least a substantial amount of Worker’s Compensation insurance depending on the laws and regulations of the state.

Although worker or employee compensation is granted as a result of accident, it is different from a the usual personal injury claim.

In Worker’s Compensation, you do not need to prove that the injury of the worker is the result of negligence by another person. It is enough that the worker sustained personal injury and that the injury or disease was the consequence of performing the worker’s job.

In addition, unlike in general personal injury claims, contributory negligence on the part of the worker who sustained on the job personal injuries does not work to minimize the amount of claim the worker will get.

Unless the job related personal injury will be blamed for a defective product wherein the victim can make a separate claim, Worker’s Compensation from his or her employer is all the worker has to support his or her treatments and sustenance until he or she can get back to work again.

Unfortunately, many insurance companies have insurance adjusters who are experts at defending the company from claims. It is your duty then, to hire competent employment lawyers from the Mesriani Law Group. They are the ones who are adept in pursuing Workmen's Compensation claim.