Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Violation of Trade Secrets

Trade secrets are loosely defined as vital business information, which are treated as secrets. This secret business information generally relates to secret designs, advertising strategies, profiles of clients and consumers, method of distribution, list of manufacturers, suppliers and other entities vital to the business operations and manufacturing processes.

Trade secrets are valuable to a business because it gives the business the edge over other competitors. Unfortunately, due to the cut throat condition of the economic market at present a lot of individuals or entities resort to underhanded means to succeed or turn a profit with their ventures instead of relying on their own skills and hard work.

Trade secrets are one of the targets of these unscrupulous businessmen. Unfair practices constituting violation of trade secrets include industrial or commercial espionage in order to acquire trade secrets or vital information from your company in the most insidious ways possible, breach of contract and by means of breach of confidence.

Protecting your trade secrets is vital to the survival and success of your business. Unlike patents, trade secrets do not need to be registered to be protected. However, there are conditions that you must fulfill in order for your trade secrets to be protected and to be able to have a valid claim against those who would violate your trade secrets.

If you want your trade secrets to remain a secret and prosecute the violators, you need competent trade secret lawyers to help you in this task. There are a lot of competent intellectual property attorneys who will be willing enough to help you establish your trade secrets.

Trade secrets are the aces of your trade, you should protect it with everything you got, and all you have now will be more than what you need when your business flourishes.