Monday, July 2, 2007

Your Trademark, Your Trade

Trademarks are very important because it identifies your company. It is a mark that signifies where the products came from or manufactured. Serious corporations and manufacturers invest thousands and even millions to create and subsequently to protect their trademarks.

Trademarks, for those who are already established in the market, are invaluable intellectual properties where infringement for gain or sabotage could spell serious disaster to the name and hence sales of the products.

If your trademark is appropriated in any way, causing your business harm as a result, you definitely have a claim against the infringer for the infringement of your trademark. You can only sue for infringement if your trademark is registered.

If you are just starting out, with a lot of money invested in your company, the assistance of expert intellectual property lawyers is vital to your company. Intellectual property lawyers like the lawyers of the Mesriani Law Group will help you choose trademarks: names, symbols and other identifying mark that are distinct and registrable.

Aside from this, expert lawyers will be able to help strengthen your trademark position, assist you in processing your application and help you make full and proper use of your trademark.

Hiring expert lawyers is a small price to pay to protect the banner of your growing industry. With expert lawyers at the help, you will be assured that your trademarks will not lose its inherent value by defacement, misuse or fraudulent appropriation by rival companies or individuals who wants to sabotage your investments.

Remember, your trademark is your trade, protect it and you protect your growth.