Friday, August 24, 2007

Class lawsuit filed against Mattel

Just last week, a class action suit has been filed by a number of American consumers against Mattel Corporation to urge the toy company to pay the cost of their children’s medical examinations. This is on their belief that their sons and daughters might be affected because of playing with the lead-contaminated products of the said company. The full story can be found at .

Definitely, their course of action is very much appropriate. They should not wait for the time when poisoning symptoms occur on their children before making such actions. The United States products liability laws do allow citizens to exhibit their rights and incriminate those parties who fell short on their responsibility to produce and market safe and quality products for public consumption or utilization.

This issue has brought great concerns for the parents. More so, the actual upsurge in the complaints received by Mattel compelled the company to recall their lead-contaminated toys from the market, not only in our country but also all over the world. This, I presume, cost them a huge amount of money. But still, thousands of self-affirming patrons keep on complaining.

Well, for me, this is a clear sign that most of our people are quite aware of their rights. It is not merely a result of over reaction to the issue but rather as an indicator that we are very much concerned for that fact that our children’s safety is at hand. To add, toy companies like Mattel should implement the strictest precautionary measure since their target consumers are the young people.

We have to make the necessary actions as provided for by the existing laws. This will certainly force other companies and institutions to follow the safety standards in doing their businesses and might as well prevent further occurrence of this problem in the future.