Tuesday, October 23, 2007

An Increasing Concern to Road Safety

Because of the tremendous efforts made by the governments and other public and private institutions in promoting road safety, more Americans buckled up and worn their helmets this year. U.S. Transportation Secretary Mary E. Peters said “Our efforts are resulting in more Americans taking interest in their own safety and wearing seatbelts and helmets more,” “We will continue to focus on this important issue as long as people are dying on our roads.”
It is said in a survey that the number of seatbelt users has increased by 1.2% now totaling 82.4% from last year’s 81.2% of all the motorists using our roads. Meanwhile, helmet users also increased by 7%, now 58% from last year’s 51%.
This is quite a positive news for all and we should be thankful to those who have given their efforts in campaigning the compulsory use of these safety gears. This means that more people have been concerned on their safety – that more drivers have been law-abiding citizens. If these increases continue every year, more and more people will also be saved from serious injuries and even death.
Now, let me remind those who still refuse to wear seat belts and helmets. No one knows when an accident will happen. It is better to be prepared for such occurrences since we only live once. As I have said, following the laws may save your lives, so just follow it. It is better to be safe than being sorry at the end.
In numerous cases, many lives have been terribly affected by road accidents because of the victim’s failure to wear these gears. Instead of dying, they should have lived and only sustained injuries from their accident involvement.
However, if you or someone in your family have been injured or killed in a road mishap because of somebody’s irresponsiveness, you just have to consult a competent litigation attorney who has the credibility in handling accident cases. This is to at least recover suitable damages from the liable party.