Friday, October 19, 2007

New Laws to Crackdown Road Accidents

The California State government and legislation has done it again. Five beneficial bills that aims to crackdown on DUI and underage drinking was signed into law. These reinforced the prevailing laws that cover DUI to deter drunk drivers from operating their vehicles and to increase the punishment for minors who will be caught drinking liquors and furnishing fake ID’s.
Gov. Schwarzenegger said in his speech, “As leaders of this great state it is our responsibility to do everything we can to make sure our citizens are safe. These bills protect public safety because they provide important tools to law enforcement and prosecutors that will make people think twice before they get behind the wheel and place innocent people in harm’s way. They also take important steps to help ensure that no one who is underage can get their hands on alcohol.”
This positive performance of our government should be highly commended. As you can in everyday news, traffic accidents mostly happen due to the irresponsibility and negligence of some drivers. I only hope that they will also implement laws to target racial discrimination in the workplace.
Anyway, we citizens deserve a safer place to live and to ride. If these new laws have been strictly implemented, we may all hope that these illicit drivers will be drawn away from our roads. In addition to this, our chances of being in a DUI car accident will be reduced.
On the other hand, for those who have already been injured or killed due to reckless driving, I do suggest that they take all their legal options and file charges against the other party involved. This is to obtain justice and possible restitution for their incurred sufferings. A number of law firms in California, offering their legal services for those who need help. You just need to search for one that provides the best offer.