Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Age Doesn’t Matter

“Age doesn’t matter”. This saying is true not only in matters of the heart but also in matters of employment. Of course, this does not cover those who are prohibited by law, morals or public policy to work at a certain filed or area.
Age discrimination, despite its constant occurrence, should be frowned upon. Age should never be a basis in hiring employees especially if the applicant has all the necessary requirements for the job.
Of course, in some areas, preference on age is allowed to either speed up the task or because the task demands for a youthful outlook. This requirement however must be in accordance with the demands of the job and of the applicable laws. Moreover, this must be properly explained to would be applicants who do not meet the requirement. This is because age discrimination can exist at the application stage.
For the general workforce, age should never be an issue. There are so many jobs for both young and old. Both generations have their own specialized areas to where they can better display their skills and expertise.
Age should never become a factor for hiring, employing or retaining someone. Performance should be the ultimate measurement of one’s worth.