Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Civil Litigations not vexatious litigations

Civil litigations are permissive legal mode that is sanctioned by law that entitled the plaintiff to sue in the court of justice against the person responsible, to claim against the latter damages in whatever form.

Civil litigations are general in nature and broad in scope.

Civil litigations cover all sorts of business litigations, contractual litigations, intellectual property litigations and general civil matters litigations.

From among the kinds of civil litigations, the usual cases involve negligence cases that resulted to personal injuries.
Due to the intricacies of the subject, it is almost anticipated that people tend to have bad connotation regarding the whole matter.
People have diverse opinion and partial conclusion regarding the issues, which affected negatively the civil litigation arena including the courts and legal profession.
A question once asked, is civil litigations a vexatious litigations?
The question was relevant and needs to be resolved at once so that all the misconceptions and biased views would be eliminated in the minds of the innocent mass.
Civil litigations should not be likened to vexatious litigations because both terms have significant distinctions.
Civil litigation is not a vexatious litigation. To my mind, civil litigation is a legal mode sanctioned by the courts and is the only legal process permitted by law and courts of law in enforcing demandable legal rights in civil issues.
Civil litigations are legal and permissive legal action that an individual can exhaust in all of their civil claims and litigations.
In contrast, vexatious litigations are an illegal action that is brought merely to harass or subdue an adversary. Generally, it has no legal merits, and is frivolous in character.
Vexatious cases are burdensome and are considered an abuse of judicial processes, and may bring consequent sanctions from the courts. It is not only illegal but also a condemnable legal action.
Vexatious court action can bring severe effects among which is the administrative proceeding for disbarment of lawyers who consented to such anomalous course of action, it also results to severe civil penalties to party litigants ending up to the dismissal of their cases, and also a contempt charges may also be held against the violators.
Fairly, I hope that the question was once settled by this brief illumination. For Indeed, civil litigations are not vexatious litigations.